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New South Wales' three largest cities, Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, lie near the centre of the coastal strip.New South Wales' three largest cities, Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, lie near the centre of the coastal stripNew South Wales has more than 780 national parks and reserves covering more than 8% of the state.

These parks range from rainforests, spectacular waterfalls, rugged bush to marine wonderlands and outback deserts, including World Heritage areas.

Most of New South Wales has an arid or semi arid climate. However, most of the eastern partion has a temperate, wet climate. The Snowy Mountains region in the south-east is cool with snowfalls in winter.

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A Custom Private Charter Adventure to the Blue Mountains

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Tailored special experiences for your small group to enjoy the Blue Mountains in style

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Private Sydney Charter Tours

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We'll introduce you to all the top spots in one fun-filled discovery adventure.

Hunter Valley Private Charter


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Luera Cascades

The Sydney Fish Markets

Bondi Beach

The National Pass is one of the famous walks in the Blue Mountains and is truly amazing, it runs along a claystone ledge separating massive sandstone cliffs above and below at about a half way point along the cliffs edge. This walk is about 2.5 hours from Wentworth Falls to the conservation hut. Experience divine temperate rainforest at the Valley of the Waters and at the base of the first tier of Wentworth Falls.

The National Pass

Enjoy a variety of walks, there are many places to see of varying difficultly levels.  Anywhere at Wentworth Falls, Luera, Katoomba or Blackheath host a variety of clifftop and Valley walks  Combine short walks with other activities in the Blue mountains or focus on an epic walk such as the National Pass or the Giant staircase 

Blue Mountains Walks

The Blue Mountains

Craig Figtree

Opportunities to see the Three Sisters from many angles. These bushwalks descend into the valley and can conveniently return to the top of the valley by the scenic railway or cable car at&nbsp;Scenic World&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br />Try the Giant Staircase at the&nbsp;Three Sisters&nbsp;near Echo Point, walk&nbsp;along the valley floor or alongside the Scenic Railway lies Furber Steps, a shorter walk but from Queen Victoria lookout you'll see Katoomba Falls, the Jamison Valley and the Three Sisters all in one magnificent panorama. <br /><br />For those with the energy there is always the option of saying no to the scenic world and doing both walks, one down and one up

Katoomba Into the Valley

Watsons Bay

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters