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Enjoy spectacular scenery in one of Australia’s premier wine growing districts

With 120 wineries to choose from, ranging from internationally acclaimed to boutique, family run operations, there is something to suit every palate. The Hunter Valley is renowned for its Semillon, which has been described as “Australia’s unique gift to the world”. And there is also Hunter Valley Shiraz and its delightful Chardonnays and Verdelhos as well as a host of other varieties. Hunter Valley Wine Country offers a myriad of culinary experiences. Visitors are sure to encounter a remarkable food experience at the many restaurants and eateries and to be tantalised by local produce including beer, cheese, olives, olive oils, chocolate, sauces, jams and chutneys.

  • Lunch at a winery
  • Hunter Valley cheese factory and chocolate house
  • Wine tasting at Boutique Hunter Valley Wineries
  • Small Groups
  • Hunter Valley Vines
  • Private Charter for Small Groups
  • Tyrells Vinyards & Winary
  • Hungerford Wines
  • Wild Kangaroos
  • Pepper Tree Wines
Visit some of Australia’s award winning Hunter Valley wineries on a casual tour including: Broken Bay Harbor for morning tea, remote mountain trails, towering Eucalyptus and subtropical rain forest, wild kangaroos, Hunter Valley restaurant and cuisine, boutique wineries, cheese tasting, chocolate house for Belgium style chocolates.

The scenery on this tour will wet your appetite for the fine wines that will follow. A wine appreciation tour of Australian wineries and food at your own pace and options. A must do location for the wine lover.

Australia has been fortunate in the wine industry, taking traditional proven wines and making them better. Our climate and soils are varied and we can produce a wide variety of world class wines. New Zealand has also contributed to our wine varieties and they produce some of the world’s best Sauvignon Bloncs.

On Private Charter you can choose to enjoy Special Wine and Champagne Tasting at Tempus Two Vineyard, Hungerford Hill , Rosemount, Audrey Wilkinson and Petersons Champagne House. Other wines include dessert wines and liqueurs